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With my sole on soil, I walk the Earth

With my sole on soil, I walk the Earth
No animal skin between my body and the Mother,
Except my own.

Some call it dirty, some call it grounding,
I could care less with no nail polish
that brings toxins into bloodstreams

Just the tickle of life beneath
That supports and holds me
Guiding my existence, taking each step
With care for all the living creatures we share space with.

Content and at ease
I jump and dance with the flowers
The bees join in, oh
And then the dragon- and butter-flies too!
Soon we have a party
Buzzing with coats of neon blue, green, cyan and red!

Swirling into the vortex of
The Milky Way
Coming home to the stars
Whence we come from

And in a burst the magic dust
Sprinkle, once again back
To Earth, with hearts so bright
One would think it’s no longer night
And wonder if it’s time
Beyond the beautiful Twilight

Has time passed on to tomorrow?
Where there are bills to pay
And ceiling to hit?

No matter! all are made of star dusts
As long as the elements stays
In our bounded bodies of colourful days
From dust till dawn and
Dawn till dust
Time is an illusion, a river we can never step into twice

Cherish the moment where eternity resides
No past nor future exist save in our fickle minds
In this flow and dance of Nature we rest in Truth
Of ease and light that cannot be denied.

Let the stocks fall or rise like a Frankenstein
The theatre of manmade life is a fantasy online
Rest in the mud and Trust in the signs
Of the Mother who will always provide.

Written by Vivian Lee, initiator & activator of Garden of L.E.A.H.


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