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Community and Co-living is one of the intention of holding space at the Garden of L.E.A.H.. Coming from different parts of the world, small groups convene in this space to discover and share the gifts that each of us bring forth from our hearts. Initiated by Vivian who first created this space in late 2016, and recently joined by Graziele as a long term co-creator, L.E.A.H. has since grown with over 70 participants from around the world staying for a few weeks each time, with a few having returned to stay for a few months this year (2019). In her third year, L.E.A.H. looks forward to receive more longer term co-creators, to continue to learn and support one another’s journey in creating a new story for the reality we want to manifest.

While the transient community of L.E.A.H. bond and celebrate the joy of impermanence, the grace and hospitality of the villagers who mostly lives here all their lives provide much inspirations and teachings on how communities of various forms can manifest in different land, space and time. While not untouched by the modern capitalist system, the generosity of the villagers and the abundance of the land shows us the most valuable currency is our relationships with ourselves, one another, and Mother Nature.

Come, Join Us

The Garden of L.E.A.H. is happy to welcome anyone who wishes to join us in a simple and conscious way of living.

This could be in the form of coming to participate in our daily activities for a minimum of three weeks, staying longer as a co-creator, or joining any of our special retreat, all on a sliding scale, cost-sharing basis. As Garden of L.E.A.H. is a personal project and not a commercial one, we ask that participants contribute honestly and generously so that we can support one another on learning and growing together. More sharing on the intention and motivation of adopting such a model can be read here.

If you’re interested to join us, please email us at for more details.

Daily Schedule (5 days a week):

  • 6 to 7:30am Morning Practice of Movement/ Meditation (Personal or Guided if anyone offers)
  • 7:30am Silent Breakfast
  • 8:15am Short briefing for the day
  • 8:45 to 11:45am Mindful farm work (with a short break in-between)
  • 11:30 to 2pm Lunch Prep/ Lunch/ clean-up
  • 2:30 to 5pm Special projects/ Natural building
  • 5pm Personal Time 
  • 6pm Evening Meditation
  • 6:30pm Prep/ Light Dinner/ clean-up
  • 7:30pm *Open Space/ Personal Time
  • 10pm Lights out

*Open Space adopts what is known as ‘Open Space Technology’ that is self-organising and participant-driven, where the agenda is open and free for anyone wanting to guide or lead a session in alignment with the intention of the space to do so. For example, you may want to offer to lead a yoga session, massage, reiki, healing workshop, suggest a film/ video to watch etc.

Once a week, we will have a flow day during which we can disrupt this sense of regularity. We can decide what we want to do, either individually or collectively, for the day.

Weekly Rhythm:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – as per daily schedule
  • Friday – Morning Practice, Cleaning & Maintenance Work, *Well-being Circle, Open Space
  • Monday – Flow Day/ Day off

*Well-being Circle is a weekly check-in session where we listen deeply and have the option to share how we are doing with the group, so as to better tune in to and support the needs of each individual, and learn how to communicate kindly and with more awareness as we co-live and co-create together.


Mud house: the small mud house in the village is in the process and habitable. There are 3 single beds with mosquito nets, a bamboo platform for gathering and dining. There is a sufficiently equipped kitchen of a modest size. There is a bathroom with hot water shower and a squat toilet.

The Garden: the garden is 7 minutes walk from the mudhouse with 4 bamboo platforms that can hold one tent each. Size of tent can be from 1 to 5 persons tent. This is a longan orchard with over 20 longan trees, a small pond, and a garden of spices and native edibles.

bed at the mud house
camping on bamboo platform

There are plans to build a compost toilet at the farm. Those with experience or interested are welcome to initiate this project.

Please note that we do not have wifi but there is a phone shop on the main road where you can get a local SIM card with data for around 200 baht for 30 days. (depending on available promotion)

Please also read the eco-practices at the farm here.

What to bring:

  • Flash light
  • Insect repellent (preferably natural ones)
  • Comfortable work clothes
  • Covered shoes/ boots for working in
  • Rain coat (during the rainy season May to Oct)
  • Warm clothes (during the cold season Nov to Feb)
  • Personal toiletries & towel

To reduce waste and make certain eco-products available, L.E.A.H. has started sourcing and selling certain basic items such as bamboo toothbrush, tooth powder (instead of tooth paste in tubes), organic cotton handkerchiefs, reusable pads and the moon cup for ladies. As this is not a shop, the inventory will vary from time to time.

Things to note:

  • Thai way of greeting is by placing your palms together and bow gently saying “Sawadee-ka”(if you’re a woman) or “Sawadee-krup”(if you’re a man), and of course, smile 🙂
  • We hold a plant-based kitchen that focus on a balance and sattvic diet. This applies to all meals prepared and consumed in the compound of the mud house and farmland. There is no restrictions for individuals’ choice when eating out on days off.
  • In alignment with our values, please avoid non-biodegrable products and packaging. Any reusable plastics will be processed and used to make ecobricks in the ongoing construction of the mud house. This however, is not a long term solution. We want to reduce waste by first refusing any unnecessary use of plastic.
  • No smoking, alcohol or use of drugs in the compound of L.E.A.H..
  • Dress code: As we are situated in a traditional Thai Lanna village, please dress modestly by refraining from wearing short shorts, spaghetti tops, and anything tight and revealing in the village. Swimming in the swimming hole in the next village should be in t-shirts and modest shorts, no bikinis. Thank you for your understanding.

How to get here:

From Chiang Mai city, go to the Chang Phuak Bus Terminal north of the old town. Take the orange bus that says “Chiang Mai – Thaton” to Chai Prakarn. The bus ride is approximately 3 hours. From the bus-stop to the mud house is a 20 minutes walk. Please contact us for specific instructions of where to get off the bus.

For more information on Garden of L.E.A.H., please go to Feel free to write to for further enquires. Have a beautiful day and we look forward to co-creating with you.


surroundings peaceful serene beautiful scenic view of lake
A serene and beautiful lake 40 minutes walk from the farm
Cave temple for visit and meditation 10 minutes walk from the lake
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