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At the Garden of L.E.A.H., we strive to live as ecologically as possible, finding a balance amidst the actions and decisions we make in our daily life. The following are some of these conscious decisions we make, all participants are encouraged, though not obliged, to practice them.

  • Minimise waste and avoid generating any trash that we cannot process.
  • Avoid Plastic packaging, and if there are plastic trash, we recycle and use them to make Eco-bricks for building shelter.
  • For every meal, we include some greens that are either harvested from the garden or foraged from the village. When we go to the market to buy produce, we acquire what is locally and seasonally available, avoiding imported produce that come from far away places.
  • In the kitchen: we minimise the use of processed oil (economics, healthy eating, creative recipes), use of all food parts for cooking or composting or making of eco-enzymes.
  • We are mindful to turn off lights, electricity and water when not in use.
  • In the toilet, instead of Paper (bleached toilet paper), we use water to wash and towel to dry ourselves.
  • In the bathroom, shower before it gets cold and minimise the use of the hot water heater.
  • For ladies, use of Moon cup and reusable washable pads or panty liner. (Moon cup available for sale here at 690baht, including instruction and a bag.)
  • Cicadian Cycle: go to sleep early, soon after the sunset and wake up just before the sunrise to make use of the natural light of the sun. It’s also good the best time to rest and rejuvenate, good for one’s health!
  • Rain water collection
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