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When home becomes shelter and Mother nature becomes home: Natural building in Northern Thailand

Leaving home can be very uncomfortable most of the times. You get things ready to go, but there is something deep down in you that says: just stay and be. Still, eventually you receive a call to really step out there. There is this strength and urge to explore everything you can and unexpectedly youContinue reading “When home becomes shelter and Mother nature becomes home: Natural building in Northern Thailand”

With my sole on soil, I walk the Earth

With my sole on soil, I walk the EarthNo animal skin between my body and the Mother,Except my own. Some call it dirty, some call it grounding,I could care less with no nail polishthat brings toxins into bloodstreams Just the tickle of life beneathThat supports and holds meGuiding my existence, taking each stepWith care forContinue reading “With my sole on soil, I walk the Earth”

The Vegetarian Festival

Hail to the Nine Emperor Gods!! It’s that time of the year again when many people in Thailand would honour the Nine Emperor Gods by not eating meat for 9 days. It is also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. While this may be the origin of what is now known as The VegetarianContinue reading “The Vegetarian Festival”

Soil Healing: An Inner & Outer Journey

Weeding by hand is an endless task in a tropical garden where herbicides are not used, and burning is not carried out to clear the land. It forces us to slow down. It is the first task that participants – who come to the Garden of L.E.A.H. to experience the simple life of growing food,Continue reading “Soil Healing: An Inner & Outer Journey”