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Energy circulation and the sliding scale model

What is Energy? What is a sliding scale? How can we restore balance to the circulation of energy for our well-being?

Everything is Energy. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.

As a conscious-living practice space, Garden of L.E.A.H. hold space for exploring regenerative practices for a holistically sustainable way of living, by attending to our relationships with the basic needs in our life. On the primary level, there is wholesome nourishing food that provides vitality, restful and safe space for quality sleep and relaxation, and a supportive and loving community for personal and social growth. All these, in the current economically driven system, require us to relook at our core value system.

“Money makes the world go round” is only partly true. The other part is that “Money makes the world go bust”, but that’s another story for another time. 

Another saying in Chinese: “钱不是万能的, 可是没有钱万万不能”. Loosely translated as “money cannot do everything, but it is not possible to live without money”, is also partly true in the current mainstream society.

When we understand that money is only one form of energy, and one that has no intrinsic value, we shift our priority to value the energy of clean water, fresh air, healthy food from healthy soil, good sleep, optimal health, purposeful use of time, fulfilling relationships, creative expressions etc. Remembering that these forms of intrinsic energies are essential and infinitely more valuable to our well-being, how can we transform our financial need to a minimum, and explore ways to co-create alternative economies of circulation that value these intrinsic energy; in turn, bring money as a currency back to its place as a means to an end, and find balance into the use of money as just one form of currency in our social psyche today.

The Energy Jar at L.E.A.H.

The Energy Jar is a concept invoked at the Garden of L.E.A.H. where collective energy can be gathered to co-create space for our personal and collective growth and well-being. At L.E.A.H., the manifestation of this concept is a glass jar filled with different types of seeds, that is watered by any amount of cash and well-wishing notes of contributors to grow the space. Symbolically, what we put in the Energy Jar creates and sustains the types of energy we want to perpetuate.

With the concept of the Energy Jar, any financial contribution is not regarded as a fee (which is a payment made in exchange for a service or product or advice given) but a financial energy contribution for co-creation. Beyond the concept of a one-to-one exchange or transaction, healthy, resilient and authentic relationships of humanity and all beings can more fluidly be sustained on a circulation of energy built on collective trust and genuine interdependence. Much like the concept of ‘pay it forward’, where the ‘beneficiary of a good deed repaying the kindness to others instead of to the original benefactor’. (Wikipedia) 

This form of circulation encourages the building of trust, and an expansion of the sense of self beyond the concept of an individual to the larger collective.

Sliding Scale Model

“有钱出钱,有力出力” is an old Chinese saying that literally translate to “those with money contribute money, those with strength contribute strength”

The sliding scale model allows for a circulation of energy whereby participants are asked to contribute generously and honestly within their means, in a way that allows for participation that is more inclusive. This way of thinking recognise the value of the unique gift every individual can offer to co-create space, and at the same time does not negate the fact that money, as a form of energy currency, is still needed in today’s society. With this model, those who are able to contribute more financially can exercise their generosity to support the further growth of such spaces, and in turn support the participation of those who may not be able to offer beyond a nominal amount.

More importantly, it is the volition and intention to co-create and support one another that is most powerful. So no amount is too small or too big when it comes from the heart.

After all, we are all in this together.


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