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Coming Home To Earth

A Simple Conscious Living Retreat

At the Garden of L.E.A.H. in Chiang Mai, 3 hours north of the city.

Dates: Dec 18 to Jan 2

Want to connect with natural elements for better health of the self, community and Mother Earth? Want to find ways of taking care of our basic needs of food and shelter in an inspiring and mindful manner, and have enough time to build communities of relationships, rest, rejuvenate, heal, create and live a life to realise our fullest potential, individually and collectively?

Here’s an invitation to join us for two weeks to co-create a retreat in a small rural village in Northern Thailand where life is slow and simple. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, life in this village is not idyllic. People live a simple life that includes hard work and basic amenities, yet, most are always with a smile on their faces. This is where Garden of L.E.A.H. was founded.

As the Garden grows into her third year and she is excited to welcome more like-minded co-creators to share the distillation of her learnings. We will ride on the energy of the winter solstice to dig deeper into inner spaces that we want to explore further, fuse the connections to manifest our outer reality, before emerging into the new year of 2020.

In this retreat, we invite you to join our simple way of living consciously, interact with Mother Earth to reconnect with our inner selves, and align our daily actions to our true values. 


Drawing on practices by Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy, Charles Eisenstein, the Global Ecovillage Network and many others, some of the topics we are interested in exploring are:

  • Reconnecting the Body and Earth through food, movement and dance
  • Food as Medicine
  • Somatic healing practices
  • Alternative Forms of Economy
  • Ecological, Personal and Community Healing
  • Building Communities and Co-living
  • Crossroads & Transitions: Individually and Collectively

You are encouraged to co-create the explorations by proposing materials that inspires you. The sharing and open spaces in the afternoons and evenings as per the schedule below will be the time for such expansion of knowledge and explorations. There will be resources such as books, videos, etc. available for sharing.

This is a space and time to find balance between our outer and inner journey, to come home to ourselves as individuals with the support of a small community holding space for one another.

Sample Daily Schedule (5 days a week):

Spending the morning in the garden tending to the land that provides us food, we practice mindfulness to reconnect with Mother Nature. Harvesting, cooking and nourishing ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, anchors the day. Afternoons are spent discussing selected topics, doing creative projects, reading, sharing ideas and sensibilities in a safe space, and practice deep listening.

  • 6 to 7:30am Morning Practice of Yoga/ Meditation (Personal or Guided if anyone offers)
  • 7:30 to 8:15am Silent Breakfast & short briefing for the day
  • 8:45 to 11:30am Mindful farm work (with a short break in-between)
  • 12 to 2pm Lunch Prep, Lunch & clean-up
  • 2:30 to 5:30pm Topics Focus Activities/ Reading time/ *Open Space 
  • 5:30 to 6:30pm Evening Meditation
  • 6:30 to 8pm Prep & Light Dinner
  • 8pm. Open Space/ Personal Time
  • 10pm Lights out

*Open Space adopts what is known as ‘Open Space Technology’ that is self-organising and participant-driven, where the agenda is open and free for anyone wanting to guide or lead a session in alignment with the intention of the space to do so. For example, you may want to offer to lead a yoga session, massage, reiki, healing workshop, suggest a film/ video to watch etc.

Once a week, we will have a flow day during which we can disrupt this sense of regularity. We can decide what we want to do, either individually or collectively, for the day. We could choose to go on an outing to some of the places in the area.

Weekly Rhythm:

  • Tuesday to Saturday – as per daily schedule
  • Monday – Morning Practice, Cleaning & Maintenance Work, *Well-being Circle
  • Sunday – Flow Day/ Free Day

*Well-being Circle is a weekly check-in session where we listen deeply and have the option to share how we are doing with the group, so as to better tune in to and support the needs of each individual, and learn how to communicate kindly and with more awareness as we co-live and co-create together.

Energy Contribution:

Participation in this 15-day retreat is on a cost-sharing sliding scale basis. With a sliding scale model, we hope to encourage people to contribute generously and authentically beyond the ‘starting from’ amount listed below, with the idea that by adopting this variable cost contribution, it will allow us to cover the cost of holding the space, and also make it affordable for more people to participate. 

The base ‘starting from’ figure listed below will help cover all in-house meals and use of kitchen, accommodation, all communal household necessities and general maintenance for the retreat period. Any contribution more than the ‘starting from’ amount will support maintenance and infrastructural growth of the space. We ask that participants contribute honestly and generously the amount that they feel comfortable to support this space and such work.

More sharing on the intention and motivation of adopting a cost-sharing on a sliding scale model can be read here.

Base financial contribution:

  • 3,600 baht for 15-day retreat period (Bring your own camping gear)
  • 4,800 baht for 15-day retreat period (Tent & blanket provided)
  • 5,400 baht for 15-day retreat period (bed in mud house)
  • 6,000 baht for one month stay for participants in the regular daily living in addition to the 15-day retreat period, come either earlier or stay beyond the retreat dates.

This retreat will be capped at a maximum of 8 on-site participants.


Situated in a small village surrounded by farmland and the mountains, L.E.A.H. is modestly equipped in two sites: a mud house and a longan orchard that is the garden.

Mud house: the small mud house in the village is in the process of being built and already habitable. There are 3 single beds with mosquito nets, with a small common area that can accommodate 8 to 9 people for sitting meditation. There is a sufficiently equipped kitchen of a modest size, with a bamboo platform for gathering and dining. There is a bathroom with hot water shower and a squat toilet.

The Garden: the garden is 7 minutes walk from the mudhouse with 4 bamboo platforms that can hold one tent each. Size of tent can be from 1 to 5 persons tent. This is a longan orchard with over 20 longan trees, a small pond, and a garden of spices and native edibles. At the time of this writing, a simple compost toilet is planned to be built in November before the retreat.

For more information on Garden of L.E.A.H., please go to Feel free to write to for further enquires. Have a beautiful day and we look forward to co-creating with you.


surroundings peaceful serene beautiful scenic view of lake
A serene and beautiful lake 40 minutes walk from the farm
Cave temple for visit and meditation 10 minutes walk from the lake

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